"Hey Uhh...We got some new, re-designed animatronics, based of their Older selves..we have One called..Bonnie The Pirate Was it? I don't know, but he is based of that Twitchy one..F-Foxy? Foxy The Pirate? I think it was that one... but this one has a More safer look, and more of a Child Friendly Animal Style." -Phone Guy Explaining Bonnie The Pirate

Pirate Bonnie
Pirate Bonnie
Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second Colours: Purple
Third Occupation: Being a Pirate
Other attributes


Bonnie The Pirate first started off at his own Restraunt, which he was the Only Animatronic. But the Restraunt was closed down due to an "Incident" that Occured within that Location, and was then moved into the Back of a Pizzeria where he then met other animatronics from other Locations: Chica, Freddy and Foxy.

They were then fixed and moved out of that Location to a newer location, but Foxy was left as he was difficult to get fixed, so Only Chica and Freddy were the Main performers and Bonnie has the Pirate Entertainment. But since the first location, everyone had forgot the terrors which they had to see within the location Bonnie once was.

Foxy one day was then Fixed and was not a Pirate Anymore as the kids enjoyed Bonnie. Foxy had became the entertainer based of an older bonnie (from the FNaF Series) who is a Guitar player, and also wears a red bow tie.


Pirate Bonnie is an animatronic which is Bonnie but is a pirate version who has purple fur and a purple eye. The other eye is covered by an eyepatch. He doesn't wear a red bowtie. Pirate Bonnie doesn't have any tears in his body such as hanging wires or visible endoskeleton areas.

His Costume Colours are Purple and White, which his Stomach/Belly area is white, and the rest of his Body is purple. The Costume is also made out of a fur Coating (Not from Animals) which in his First Appearance, he had a Rough Surface, which now that he is re-fixed, he has a Softer Surface.

Through the yearsEdit

As Pirate Bonnie went through some rough years, he soon got replaced by Toy Bonnie and the other Toys. Toy Bonnie is not a pirate bunny but is a bunny animatronic.

Then, through more years, Pirate Bonnie gets rebuilt from the old version into a mew pirate bunny. 30 years later, Pirate Bonnie has been turned into a lamp in a building named 'Fazbears Fright'


Bonnie The Pirate is in a Location Like Foxy's, Pirate Cove, Pirate Cove is where Bonnie The Pirate Entertains the Children when the Pirate Show is on.

Bonnie The Pirate also had a Toy Version a while ago, and the Toy version is still being used at a Sister Location, which is known as Toy Bonnie The Pirate, which is like the other Toy Bonnie, but has a Hook and an Eyepatch, and dosen't wear a Bowtie.


  • Once moving towards the Office, Pirate Bonnie can go threw Both Hallways, also when moving, he does a Pirate Type Laugh, the Player will be able to hear the Laughter from whatever hallway Bonnie is in.